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5 Things to Avoid After Getting a Spray Tan

Congratulations on your fresh, sun-kissed glow! You've just received a beautiful spray tan, and now it's essential to maintain that radiance. To ensure your tan stays flawless for as long as possible, here are five things to avoid post-spray tan:

1. Moisturizers with Oils or Heavy Lotions

While it's crucial to keep your skin hydrated after a spray tan, avoid moisturizers containing oils. Oils can break down the tan, causing it to fade faster or become streaky. Opt for oil-free, lightweight lotions or moisturizers to prolong your tan's life.

2. Sweating Excessively

Try to avoid activities that lead to excessive sweating, especially within the first 24 hours after your spray tan. Sweating can cause streaks and uneven fading. If you're planning a workout, consider doing it before your spray tan or wait at least a day afterward.

3. Swimming or Excessive Water Exposure

Chlorine in pools and salt in seawater can both strip away your tan's color. It's best to steer clear of swimming or prolonged water exposure for the first 24-48 hours. If swimming is unavoidable, pat your skin dry afterward instead of rubbing to minimize tan removal.

4. Tight Clothing and Accessories

Wearing tight clothing or accessories right after your spray tan can cause friction and rub off the tanning solution in areas of contact. Opt for loose-fitting, dark clothing to minimize friction and avoid the risk of staining your favorite outfits.

5. Shaving or Waxing

If possible, avoid shaving or waxing immediately after your spray tan. These activities can remove the top layer of your skin and, subsequently, your tan along with it. If shaving is necessary, use a sharp, clean razor and do it gently to prolong your tan's lifespan.

By steering clear of these post-spray tan no-nos, you can extend the life of your tan and keep that beautiful, bronzed glow shining for days to come.

Remember, every tan is different, and individual skin types may react differently. Following these guidelines can significantly contribute to maintaining your tan's longevity and ensuring an even fade.

Enjoy your tan, and here's to looking radiant and sun-kissed!

Disclaimer: Always consult your spray tan technician or follow their specific aftercare instructions for the best results.

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