Pre tan :


Hey ladies and Gents before your spray tan,  please make sure to exfoliate and shave at least 2 hours before your appointment, for the best results.


Do not put on any deodorant, lotion or oil the day of your appointment.


Wear dark loose clothing to your appointment.


If you  are getting a manicure or a pedicure, please do before your spray tan. 


48 hours before tan, I suggest you scrubbing with a sugar scrub(sulfate free,organic/vegan). Scrubbing with a sugar scrub right before the tan can leave an invisible moisture film over the skin. Making the tan to not properly be able to absorb into the skin. 24 hours before your tan you want to exfoliate with an exfoliating mitt. A loofah or washcloth is not good enough. You also want to shave 24 hours before. Shaving right before your Spray Tan can sometimes cause small tiny dots.You Can Shave after.Please ask technician how to properly shave after spray tan.

If your appointment is before noon the following day. Do not Shower in the morning. Showering right before your Spray Tan Can cause your pores to open.Causing the spray tan to not properly Absorb into the skin.

Let’s say you were getting a spray tan and it’s a few hours before. You do not want to use any sugar scrub. You only want to use a hard brush or an exfoliating mitt.


You want to use a sulfate free wash as well. And use cold water so that your pores stay as closed as possible. Also, to your Spray Tan appointment you want to have no lotion, make up or deodorant. As these also act as barriers.

After your tan:


Leave spray tan on at least 8 hours after your initial spray tan. Express 1-4 Hours, before Rinsing.


It is important that you do not get your skin wet or sweat during the first 8 hours to ensure that you do not develop any streaking or spotting. (1-4 hours for Express)


Don't be alarmed if you see some of the bronzer washes off in the shower, it is completely normal and it is not your color washing off. Just the Bronzer.


When drying yourself after your shower pat skin dry instead of rubbing your skin.


Be cautious of Oceans & pools, as they tend to fade your spray tan. Quick dips in Quick dips out .And make sure to rinse after pool and ocean.


After your spray tan it is important to moisturize at least twice a day. I recommend using HEMPZ Body Moisturizer which we sell at the studio and online.


Please avoid oil's as it will remove the spray tan.

Sunscreen is a must . We recommend Sun Bum .


Do not exfoliate skin or rub harshly after spray tan , as this may remove the tan.

Additional information regarding pre-and post care for your custom Organic Spray tan,will be provided to you upon making your appointment.