Listen up Buttercup : What To Wear After Your Spray Tan

Hi, guys. So I just wanted to jump on here and say Hey! I hope everybody is having a good Monday, sorry. Sipping my go go juice, My Starbucks. It's only 11 o'clock, I have not started day drinking yet, jk. We're going to save that till 5pm. In this Blog post i will let you guys know what you should be wearing to your appointment and what you should not be wearing . As a spray tan artist, I sometimes forget that you guys need to be reminded of that.

And I mean, it's weird because I sometimes see like artists and they're like, Oh, wear this And they have, like you know, biker shorts. So, we don't want biker shorts. No, no, no, no. Nothing tight at all. I always say, get your man's clothes . If you don't have a man get your brother's clothes whatevs. If you don't got a brother, go To Wal Mart, Amazon or Whatever. Buy Two sizes bigger. I always say, wear long sleeve shirt, long sleeve pants people always are like, Oh, well, you know, shouldn't I just go naked? You know, because people would think Okay, Yes, just go naked. But you don't want to just go naked because what's gonna happen is your dog is gonna lick you. Or you're gonna spill some water on yourself. you're gonna fall in the grass ,You're gonna let the dishwasher open on you.

Whatever Okay, It's gonna happen. So I always say a way to prevent these accidents from happening is to wear long sleeve shirt, long sleeve pants and you guys might say, Well Amber, what about the little, like waistband? You better tuck that shirt in those pants. Okay. I know it is not Cute, honey. You're marinating, Beauty is sometimes uncomfortable, okay? I mean, spray tans are not for the basic. Girls do not forget that. Okay, But this is the thing. There's no pain. You're gonna feel a little cold, due to the solution but that's it. Big thing, yeah you need to put on that long sleeve shirt, long sleeves pants, and tuck in that shirt in .

You will be all good with the waistband around your waist too, But, you know, I just say, Hey you know, if you're feeling a little uncomfortable with it, you can alway tuck your shirt in .

So again,you know, you want dark, loose clothing. Even though the spray tan solution does usually come out of everything, you just want dark, loose clothing just because you don't want to mess up any of your clothes., and that goes for your sheets as well. If you're doing an eight hour solution, you wanna put a towel underneath your body when you sleep. I know it's kind of a lot to change your whole sheet, so, freaking get a big old blanket, put it underneath you, Whatever. And sleeping in that long sleeve shirt, long sleeve pants is really gonna help with the accidents people usually run into .

Clients often ask, "but if I sleep in long sleeve shirt and pants, won't that mess up the tan. It will not mess up your spray tan, we put,finishing powder over your whole body after your spray tan, to create, like sort of a barrier between your skin and your clothes. Also shoes, you do not want to wear any sneakers.No socks or anything after your spray tan . flip flops only. So, Quick Wrap up. Nothing., like, tight on your body. And that is the rule of thumb with the spray tanning clothing Okay. You want, something that is very loose, not tight to your body. Dark, loose clothing. And since your wearing a long sleeve shirt, long sleep pants You wanna crank that A C. Because it's imperative that you do not sweat after your spray tan.


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