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Teeth Whitening Training in LA

Hi guys, I just wanted to jump on here and talk a little bit about our teeth whitening. Our teeth whitening classes start january 3rd. It's from 10am to 2pm. You can go ahead and reserve online at The class gives you a strong foundation to go out there and start taking clients as soon as you complete the course. The class comes with your machine as well ,this is a service that is so sought after .

Teeth are something that everybody gets judged on. So it's important that you have a beautiful smile. When we look good, we feel good and we're able to go out into the world and do good. I've been performing teeth whitening as a service for three years, and there's techniques that I feel like i didn't learn in my other trainings, that I now implement, to give the client a flawless whitening treatment.

When you're doing the teeth whitening, it's important that no gums are exposed, because if you get solution on the gums, it is very painful for the client. I have a full proof technique to ensure that you do not get the teeth whitening solution on the client. Doing This can ruin the session and it can make the clients not come back .In turn they're gonna tell their friends and their friends are not gonna come to you. Referrals, as you know is a huge part of business .You want to make sure that you are doing it correctly. What's so great about this service is that it delivers instant results, with no pain.

I will show you how to take the best pictures to really showcase your work to get more clients coming in the door. We offer this course in person and via zoom .When I first started, my career as a technician, I did training via Zoom.Taking this course with Valley Girl Tan, LLC , we will let you know all the insights that I wish that I would have known when I first started. I'm going to give you the blueprint, so you do not make the same mistakes that I made. Class sizes only have two students per course. This is due to us wanting to provide the best training possible.I

f you want one-on-one as well, you can inquire at

Our teeth whitening training shows you everything that you need to know to launch your business. I give you marketing tips and show you things that you need to avoid to be successful. I set you up the equipment that you need, I give you vendor lists and again, lifetime support. Do not hesitate,Go ahead and book this course. You won't regret it ! Again, It's January 3rd. If you guys have any questions or you want me to elaborate on anything, please email me at

Happy Holidays :)

-xoxo Amber

Ceo, Valley Girl Tan

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