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Spray Tan Training in Los Angeles

Hey guys, how are you? I’m just jumping on here to tell you a little bit about our spray tanning course . My name is Amber, I am the owner , Ceo of Valley Girl Tan. I've been in business since 2017, I love what I do and want to help women. Don't get me wrong. I feel like college education, is so important. But it is also important to have options in life. And one of the options that we're going to discuss, is the spray tan industry. Our spray tan course is so different because it teaches tips and tricks to help you succeed in this industry .

Valley Girl Tan has been in business since 2017 ,I have years of tanning education. I’m also certified in body contouring as well. You've probably seen my skills on kevin Hart's, “What the Fit” , where I was showing off my contour skills! I also freelance for Vita liberata as well . It's my passion. I love when my clients come in and they might be feeling a little down and by the end of the appointment, they are just loving their new skin that they're in. Spray tanning is such an amazing career as well because you can make your own hours, you can be your own boss. Whether you want this to be a side hustle or full time gig. It’s completely up to you!

You can basically fit this into your life as you see fit . In this spray tan course we are going to be discussing :the history of spray tanning,The advantages of spray tanning , some of the ingredients and spray tan solution, our skin and skin types, Some of the retail products you can offer. Just a side note , retail products is a great way to increase revenue. It's another avenue for you to make money for your business and you know, get your name out there. We will also go into Tanning services, insurance, health and safety contra indications, patch testing the consultations that you'll be giving each client before their spray tan, different spray tan systems, spray tan preparations tanning applications also we're also gonna do a spray tan visual demonstration as well. We're going to go over after care and also your potential income that you can make spray tanning. Again, like I was saying before spray tanning is an industry where you can pick your own hours and choose what you want to do with it, whether you want it to be a full time gig or you want it to be a side hustle you can tailor it to whatever you'd like.

Now let’s talk about the money, Baby! When you first start, course your prices are going to be a little lower because you're getting your name out there. So let's say you started at a studio charging $45 a spray tan session and you were getting two clients per day, that's 90 dollars a day, That would be $450 weekly. That would be $1800 monthly. That's $21,600 for the yearly income.This career can, buy a vacation it or help buy your kid their first car.I am just here to show you all the possibilities spray tanning has to offer.

Let's say you're doing mobile, and again this changes based on demographic , but this is you starting out, so let's say you do two clients a day that's $130 .That's $520 a weekly and a yearly income of $24,960. So as you can see if you even put in a little bit of effort you will have a huge return. I am here to show you how to enrich your life, and learn another trade and really make your mark on the tanning industry. The spray tan industry is not oversaturated and with my tips and tricks you will be a part of a special group of elite spray tanners. When clients come to me they always say , “oh my god, I've never had a spray tan like this !”

I take time with clients and when you take my course I will show you Why I have a five star ratings on yelp and google . My clients love my services and I have a lot of repeat clients. This is because I feel like the client is first, and I feel like that's why I have been so successful . I feel like a lot of brands don’t really cater to the clients . Clients are what makes your business, so you want to be listening to them .

You can dm us @ValleyGirlTan on instagram as well . We give ourselves 24 hours to respond to all messages and if you'd like you can give us a call as well 818-252-9764. We are here to answer all of your beauty questions. Another tip that I wanted to throw out there for my beauty business babes Is , making sure that you do not put your address on any of your promotional flyers. In this climate we are likely moving to different locations every six months to a year. And we are always growing. You do not want the address of your first salon to be on 5000 flyers. Believe me , I made this mistake. Just put on your social information, Phone number and website. It is way easier to update your address on the website , as opposed to trying to cover up a old address on a flyer .

Also, another thing, I wanted to talk you guys about. If you’re anything like me. You are starting to get checks in the mail from old jobs that you previously worked at.These checks are sometimes pension that you have accrued during your employment . Do not be tempted to cash out. Transfer that money to your 401(k). Your future self will be so grateful. Not to mention you face really high penalties if you decide to cash out . And , of course I understand everyones situation is different. You might need that money. But if you can do without it. I highly advise just transferring it over to your retirement account .

Just be smart financially Get into those N. F. T. S. , Get into the crypto market . You can start investing with very little money. All I know is I’m gonna be rich and I want you guys to be rich too. I want you guys to be successful and all that good stuff! So yeah, that is this week's blog I'm going to be better about doing it weekly because as I can tell that you guys I can tell that you guys are reading. Anywho, God bless and Happy New Year. I wish you all wealth health and success.



CEO Valley Girl Tan

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