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Organic Teeth Whitening In Los Angeles

Hi, guys. Just wanted to jump on here and give you guys little tips on the teeth whitening. Okay, so when you book your teeth whitening, you want to make sure that when I'm coming to you, that you're in a place, where you can lay down. When you are sitting up, it's just asking for problems. Saliva tends to come down more. You know what I mean? It's always best that you just lay down. I also advise that, if I am coming to you,that you take a picture of your teeth, in your bathroom lighting. I'm going to take one of your teeth before as well as after. The times of the day change, lighting changes and so it's really hard to gauge an accurate picture due to lighting changing at all times of the day.

Okay, so I really advise you guys that, before your appointment you take a cute little snapshot of your teeth, multiple angles, you know, multiple lighting .And, afterwards as Well. What's really cool about the teeth whitening is, once I'm done with your teeth whitening, you see immediate results. It's great for people that have sensitive teeth, my clients don't feel any sensitivity after. The only thing is, you just want to make sure you're laying down , so that the solution stays on your teeth, and you're not salivating. And it's organic as well.I'm going to start talking about the teeth whitening more, I love it. It's an instant mood and confidence booster and Yes, I do it too.

And, you know, guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. I didn't want to post my before and afters, but how shady is that? Like, how am I not going to post that(it's in our highlights on instagram)? This is the real deal, I love our teeth whitening. And again, everybody gets advanced whitening. I used to do only advanced whitening for our one hour sessions, but I have decided that everyone gets the same serum . And it's so crazy because as soon as I put it on your teeth, I can already see it getting whiter. You do however have the option of "30min" or "1hour" sessions.

This is such a great product, and it's organic. You book it online at time clients get 15% off. Also, if whitening is done outside, for sure, but just make sure that you can lay down .

Alright, guys that's it for today. Thank you. Byeee!

xoxo ,

Your local Bronze Dealer

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